​​​​​​This site is dedicated to my Dad, who enjoyed the model car hobby, slot cars and building tracks.

1966 - Dad & I purchased the 1/24 scale Monogram Midget slot cars and "Hot Shot" midget kits. 
We started with Revell plastic track, and moved on to 
building tracks out of plywood, particle board, luan wood and MDF.  Every track got better and bigger.  
We had everything from a 4 lane road course, to 4, 5, & 6 lanes ovals.  My current track is a flat, 6 ft x 12 ft,

6 lane with 3 1/2" lane spacing  on 1/2 in. MDF.

The table size is 7'10 in. wide x 14 ft long.   The 10 in. section of the table was set aside for scenery, pit area, bleachers and concession stand. 
A short time after the release of the midgets, a friend of my Dad's started racing the midgets at his home 
on a 4 lane Revell track.   He had Friday night races with the neighborhood kids.  His midgets were modeled after real midgets & drivers from "USAC" or "Badger Midget".   (Here in Wisconsin)

From 1966 to 1984, his group ran under the name "Short Circuit Racing Assn. (SCRA).  (Photos of his track and cars on the"1960" page)   

November of 1976:  The "Mighty Midget Racing Association" was formed, and our track was named
"Tosa Raceway Park".  

The midgets we run are from the 1950's, to the 2000's.  Some midgets are modeled after real cars and others are our own design.  Of the 100 midgets I own, a percentage of them have the original motors, and the old "Aj's" silicones tires. 
(Information on
"Midget Info 1" page).
Tosa Raceway Parkthe home of midget racing.  We run other groups of cars, Stock Cars, Sportsmans, Modifieds, Sprint Cars, Jalopy's, Late Models, and 1/24 scale Ford Fusions / Chevy's.

I thank everyone, past and present who has helped to keep Tosa Raceway Park running and keeping this hobby alive.  

Thanks for looking.  Hope you enjoy it. 

If you have any questions or comments about this site, my contact info is on the "Links" page

Welcome to Tosa Raceway Park

Home of the Mighty Midget Racing Association

Celebrating 42 years of Midget Racing

Events and Information on the web site are listed below.

Mighty Midget Racing Association - 

November 1976 - 2019, Will be  celebrating 43 years of racing at Tosa Raceway Park.

October 19th, 2018,  Slot Car video's from I-94 Raceway.  Listed on the "My Video's" page

January 2018 - New 6 lane track. Up dated photos of the tracks & cars at TRP on the "2018" page.

May 19th, 2017 - Updated photos of the new 5 lane track.   6 ft x 10 ft oval, 3 1/2 inch lane spacing.
Photos are on the 
2011 - 2017 page.

​Sept 17th, 2016 - The "Vintage Modified Stock Car" club held their annual car show at the Hartford Auto Museum, Hartford Wi.  Photos of this event are on the Racing 2 page .
A short video of this event is listed on 
"My Videos" page.

June 25th 2016 - Milwaukee Mile - "Millers at Milwaukee".  Vintage Indy Cars.
The Harry A. Miller Club held their annual Vintage Indy Car event at the Mile.  Good turn out of cars, not so much on the spectators.  Photos can be viewed on the 
Racing 1 page.  
Short video of the event is listed on 
"My Videos" page.

June 17 & 18 - 2016 - My second trip to Road America.  The video I took is listed on "My Videos" page.

​May 29th, 2016 - Angell Park Speedway, Sun Prairie Wi.  Badger Midgets, Badger Micros, Mini Sprints, Vintage Stock Cars.  Videos of these events are listed on "My Videos" page.

July 2015 - Milwaukee Mile.  "Millers at Milwaukee".  Vintage Indy Cars. 
The Harry A. Miller Club held their annual Vintage Indy Car show at the Mile.  Great turn out of cars and spectators on a beautiful day.  Photos can be viewed on the 
Racing 1 page.
Video of the event is listed on 
"My Videos" page. 

June 12th & 13th. 2015 - I had a chance to go to Road America on Friday the 12th & Sat the 13th.  This was my first trip to RA, and was really impressed with the facility and the ability to go anywhere around the track to watch the action.  Video of this event is listed on "My Videos" page.

June 6th 2015 - Vintage Modified Stock Car Club held it's 10th vintage race car show at the Cedarburg Race Track. 
Race cars on display, a car show in the infield, and vendors selling misc. racing items.  
Tosa Raceway Park had their display of slot cars / race car models.  It was a great day / great weather. Photos can be viewed on the 
Racing 1 page.  A video of this event is listed on "My Video" page.

September 13th 2014 - Vintage Modified Stock Car "Hall of Fame Car Show" Hartford, Wi.
Modifieds, Stock Cars, Sprint Cars, and a Midget were on display. A friend of mine and myself had our slot cars and some racing models on display.  Great weather and a great turn out of spectators.
Photos can be viewed on the 
Racing 1 page.  Video of this event is listed " My Video" page.  
Watch the short video of
"Gentleman Start Your Engines".     

June 7th 2014 - Vintage Modified Stock Car Show" held at the old Cedarburg Raceway in Cedarburg, Wi.  
9 years of having this show, had a record turn out of 30 cars.
Photos can viewed on the 
Racing 1 page.  Video of this event is listed on "My Video" page. 

July 2012 - Millers at the Milwaukee Mile -  
Vintage Indy Car Event, sponsored by The Harry A. Miller Club.
Photos of the Indy Cars, & the miniature
display of the Vanderbilt Race from 1912 can be viewed on the
Racing 1 page

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Midget building - Taking a stock midget body, converting it to the VW  style midget. 

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